Saturday, March 29, 2014

A KantCon 2014 Showcase: Massive Defender!

I just finished up an original sculpt project for the fine folks over at KantCon for their convention this year.  The Character's name is Massive Defender, a personality concocted by their organizer/founder Ethan P. and the talented illustrator Jay C.  I did their convention mini, Help! the Gnome, last year and was excited to do another one and be a part of a great local hobby gathering.

Let's take a look at the completed sculpt!

Massive is described as a Canadian gamer who lucked into super powers, granting him bulging muscles and a desire to do good in the world.  Check out the great illustration below, courtesy of Jay Carter III.

Those attending the Con will be able to purchase their very own Massive mini for $3-4.  They'll also be available at a later date through the official KantCon site.

KantCon was a blast last year, and this year promises to be even better.  I'll be hosting a booth at the Con, where I'll be doing small painting/modelling clinics and displaying my wares.  There's also plans to get a TON of table top gaming going, from: Warhammer to Warmachine, Malifaux to Infinity, there's going to be TT gaming for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work, I hope to see you again next time, and maybe even at KantCon in July!

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