Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lords of Decay: a Nurgle Demon Showcase

I've been working on some seriously nasty Nurgle demons lately.  A new customer to the Lab, Aaron H., sent me two Plague Hulks, a Great Unclean One, and a winged Demon Prince.  He wanted something nasty, Nurgly, and for an affordable price.  I said, no problem.

Each of the four demons got a preliminary airbrushing to build the base tones and shading.  I went back with a wash to get the heavy recesses, but using an airbrush really does make painting large models very affordable.  Each Plague Hulk only set him back $35.

I love, love, love brass pieces with blue verdigris.  It's a super easy way to make a piece that much more complete.

What would a Nurgle demon be without large gaping wounds?  Man that's nasty.

Here's Plague Hulk #2, just as gross as the first, but with subtly different green and flesh tones.

Much like Kermit the Frog, the Great Unclean One is green... it ain't easy being green.

Probably because your guts are trailing out behind you...

That's gotta be a real drag... ba da ding!

His demon prince borrowed a couple of wings from the Plague Drone kit.  I ordered another couple of sets off ebay and am hoping they arrive before the due date on Tuesday so this guy has a proper set of four wings.

This guy's ugly mug reminds me of this.

That's it for this week, thanks for checking out the latest project here at the Lab!

Until next time, good hobbying!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Riptide, Heldrake, and Demon Prince with Bat Wings - All in a Good Week's Work

I've been hard at work this week with three true monsters on my painting table.  Two are "Battle Ready" new releases here at the Lab, affordably painted miniatures ready for the table top.

First up is a Tau Riptide, painted in classic Tau burnt orange.  I equipped this one with an Ion Accelerator, twin-linked smart missles, an array of sensor upgrades, and a shield generator.  For $160 you can make this piece of Tau tech yours by purchasing it in the official Monster Lab webstore!

My next project was a chaos Heldrake.  These guys have a nasty reputation on the table top and I wanted to paint one that was deserving of dread.  I couldn't help but do a basing technique that I do again and again.

Equipped with a Baleflamer, this Heldrake will be tearing them up and burning them down, but at $110 not your wallet!  Ba-da bing!

I really really really wanted to do a bad-ass demon prince.  When I started playing 40k ten years ago, these guys were the epitome of all things death dealing and choasy.  A few tweaks to the legs and almost 9 hours of sculpting later I had a "swooping" winged demon prince!  You might remember another model that got hand sculpted wings a while back..  You can own a piece of the awesomeness for the low low price of $130 (ok, not so low, but really awesome).

Some old favorites are being featured this week as Battle Ready offerings, like this Wraithlord (super cheap at $95).

These Shining Spears, which have a custom color scheme that I think GW should adopt as their official codex paint...  ($120)

And this Night Spinner that I diligently converted two guardians to be actual "guardian pilots," making this an original and contemporary piece of Eldar tech ($120).

Check out these models and and a full line of bases over at the webstore, which you can visit by clicking here, or by clicking the "shop" tab at the top of the page!

That's all for this week, I'll see you next time!

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