Friday, April 4, 2014

Sneak Peek: April's Relic Bases

It's almost new release time for this month!  This week I'm giving you a first look at the 40k bases I've put together for April.  These bases have been dubbed 'Relic' bases for their strong ties to archea and the Necrons.  Each base is a hand-sculpted cracked earth dirt with a combination of crystals and/or fragments of monolithic architecture.  Pieces of architecture have hieroglyphics inscribed on them that echo those seen in the Necron civilization, but can easily be used for any representation of any ancient big-ass-structure-building-long-lost-race (ABASBLLR for short). I'm doing 25mm 10 packs for $10, 40mm 5 packs for $8, and 60mm 2 packs for the cool price of $6.  Relic bases will be ready for release in about two weeks, and they'll be available in the webstore and at KC metro hobby stores like Table Top Game and Hobby and Collector's Cache (which has recently begun carrying table top miniatures games)!

Let's take a closer look at this month's offerings...

I really liked the Crystal Bases that I made for scheme markers in Malifaux and wanted to do another take on them for 40k.  Something Necron sounded like a fine idea, so I added ancient architecture with undecipherable hieroglyphics for added awesomeness.  When in doubt I do my best to follow the formula (cool + badass = total awesome sauce).  It usually turns out pretty well.

Cracked earth works great for a desert/dead world dwelling race like the Necrons, and it looks great with crystals and chunks of rock too!

I'm saying these are 'Necron' bases, but I could definitely see space marine terminators trudging across these 40mm rounds looking completely hardcore in an alien landscape.

I had a lot of fun painting the last batch of crystals, and I'm looking forward to doing more!

Here's the 40's and 25's side-by-side.  I don't have pics of the 60's here, but that has mostly to do with the fact that they're only about 25% done.  They'll be ready by release, so never fear!

That's it for this week and the preview of this month's new base release from the Lab.  Be sure to come back next time and check out the female inquisitor I've done for a good friend of mine, Aaron J.!

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  1. Updated and posted! Working on getting my Stormtroopers primed and ready. Can't wait for the next set of pics :^)


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