Thursday, March 13, 2014

March New Releases: Wreck Bases & Markers!

The March new releases are finally here!  This month I've got two 50mm wreck bases for $6 and three 40mm round lip wreck bases for $5.25 in the webstore that multipurpose nicely as wreck markers.  Let's take a look at the painted product!

I really wanted to do a big badass weapon piece on one of the bases and a warhammer was just too good to pass up.  Some unlucky war construct lost their weapon... and their arm, but now you can use it as an awesome scenic base, wreck marker, or characterful objective in your next game!

The second base is a mechanical spine with associated ribs, gears, and power core.  Mechanical carrion, if you will.

The gears that whirred and rotated inside this construct's shell now lay piled about its corpse.

I painted its cracked power core, glowing with the last remnants of power, but I can see it completely powered down and dark.

There's even a bit of its torso clinging to the ribs...

This mighty warhammer would do some serious harm on the battlefield, all the more reason for your troops to try to claim it before your enemy's do!

The arm-guard plating definitely shows the abuse the owner was facing while in battle.  I wonder what happened to the rest of him...

And here are the 40mm wreck bases...

One isn't really a wreck at all, but a lack thereof, it's a mere crater!

Whatever construct was occupying this part of the universe is now survived only by a hunk of a cog and a few scraps of metal.

There's more left of this guy, though he lost his head and most of his appendages.

This base has a good assortment of bitz on it: plating, cogs, pipes and bars, and even an energy core.

There's a ton of creative room on this piece.  I liked the metal plating to be gashed to all hell and back.

Mixing brasses, coppers, and steel metallics give a nice variety on a wreck base.

And what would life be like without an Easter Egg?  I think we finally found who lost their arm...

That's it for this week and this month's new releases.  Stay tuned for April's new releases I'm planning some goodies for 40k!

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  1. Got'em posted! Working on getting mine painted up now.

    These will really work with a ton of different 28mm (heroic 28mm) models and such.

    I'm heading up to the Cache tomorrow - hope to see you there!


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