Monday, March 3, 2014

A Shot of Joss with Your Morning Coffee

There's one tough cookie in the Malifaux universe, and his name is Joss.  With armor two, henchmen status, and 'hard to kill', he's exactly that.  Many an opponent has been witness to his aggravating health kiting, courtesy of Ramos and his Combat Mechanic upgrade.  Swing after swing against him has most of its power mitigated, and when finally his health drops low enough for a killing blow, he instead remains at a single wound and reactivates.  All the while Joss chops enemies into scrap markers, giving Ramos fuel to heal him yet again.  RRRarrgggg!!! 

I'm proud to present you this morning with the face of aggravation...

Ok, ok.  Joss can be a nuisance, but you have to admit, he looks really badass!  A member of my Malifaux playgroup, Jeff K., has remarked that he resembles someone straight out of the Borderlands universe.  I'd have to agree.

Joss takes a lot of abuse and keeps on trucking.  To represent that I put pink scars on his head, face, shoulders, chest, and back.  You can even see where scars aren't allowing his hair to grow back!

Ramos has hooked up a massive pneumatic fist for his right-hand man, but it looks like his body isn't liking the metal intrusion of cold steel, especially around the brass pipe fittings.

I based Joss on a scrap base that I'm producing in collaboration with the casting house Prairie House Miniatures.

Lightning crackles around Joss's arc axe and helps him easily cut through armor and a plethora of defensive special rules his adversaries might employ.

Getting choke slammed by his pneumatic fist will leave an opponent paralyzed for an activation, in addition to doing 5/8/10 damage!

That's it for this week, thanks for checking out my latest project.  Until next time, good hobbying!


  1. Nice and clean (in a painting sort of way!). The front on shot is my favorite.

    Looking good!


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