Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Big-Ass Winter 2016 Wrap Up!

It's been a few months, so I present to you this week's mega post that catches you up on all the hobby that has been going on at the lab in the last 75 days. Let's take a look!

I've got some great news in the form of my career status. Since late last summer I've been working with the founders of Punch-It Entertainment, Jesse and John, on helping them to develop their first offering - Battle for Sularia! First some visuals...

Animus Vox | Art by Chunli Thien Nguyen
This is the Synthien machine empire, lead by the cunning cyborg Animus Vox, self-proclaimed lords of the Western Wastes, and forebears of the red eye.

Feedback | Art by Wizyakuza

Furtim Braccae | Art by Tots

Hekaton Warhulk | Art by Filip Dudek

Master Mining Program | Garrett Post

Perimeter Alert System | Art by Filip Dudek

Art of War | Art by Ascary Lazos
And their arch-rivals, creators, Norse-inspired genetically enhanced super-warriors, and self-proclaimed inheritors of the planet Sularia - the Jotune.

Cloud Fortress | Art by Garrett Post

Lord Fenris "the Wolf" | Art by Chunli Thien Nguyen

Lord Oathki "the Hawk" | Art by Tots

Security Post | Art by Filip Dudek

Spoils of War | Art by Ascary Lazos

It's a Trap | Art by Ascary Lazos
Not everyone is a Synthien or Jotune on Sulaira, in fact, we have two yet to be released factions coming down the pipeline. If the Syntien are big stuff stompy + burn, and the Jotune are agro to mid-range threats, the two upcoming factions are control and swarm agro.
Don't forget about the mercenaries though! Mercenary elements can be used with any faction (the others don't play nicely together), but mercs fight for coin. And they do a darn good job of it.
Which brings us to the cards...
I'll hold comments on the complete rundown on how the game works and instead direct you to these nifty introductory articles I wrote!

Like what you see and want more info? Visit our website, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! If you're a die-hard tabletop gamer, don't dismiss this one out of hand. The strategic combat, attacking enemy sites, all have a dynamic feel of maneuvering on the tabletop. As an avid miniature hobbyist for well over 13 years, Battle for Sularia really scratched my tabletop itch in an easy to play format and was the reason I offered to pitch in and help the founders. I'm also proud to say that I write the fiction!
I'm also pleased to display the miniatures of a good friend, Danny J. Danny has really progressed in his skills since I've known him and is doing a lot of great work.

He even did a commission for a mutual friend's Guild Ball team. Pat's playing the alchemists and I really dig the steampunk look of these guys.

A robot butler with healing and mana potions? Why not?

Danny works for a very fair price, so don't hesitate to shoot him an email at and ask him to quote your next project!
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