Sculpture Gallery

Monster Lab Miniatures Conversion & Sculpting Gallery

Commissions can be made for custom conversion work to existing miniatures or for "from scratch" original sculpt modeling.  Prices for conversions and sculpts vary, so contact us at 
for a quote for your idea today!

Cedric - the KantCon Dragon

Cedric - the KantCon Dragon

Freeblades Merchant: Original basing sculpt w/existing model

Female Pirate: Original basing sculpt w/existing model

Custom built plasticard movement trays

Dragon Themed "chariot" sized base

Chariot of Tzeentch: Custom plasticard sculpt w/existing model

Soul Grinder of Tzeentch: Plasticard and green stuff conversion on existing model

Extreme Ghetorix hand & ax: Green stuff sculpt on existing model

Extreme Ghetorix: Green stuff sculpting on existing model

Skethar King: Original sculpt

Help! the Prop Gnome: Original Sculpt, property of KantCon 2013

The Fallen (conversion & original work)

Undead Cyclops (original green stuff sculpting & conversion work)

Cerberus (original sculpting on existing model)

Cerberus (original sculpting on existing model )

Hades Vampire Lord (original modeling & conversion work on existing model and fabrication)

Hellsteed wings original sculpt work

Lion's head conversion on existing model

Tree emblem original sculpt work on existing model

Face over plastic original sculpt on existing model & original plasticard crown

Charon, Boatman of River Styx (original plasticard modeling & sculpt)

Original ghost trail sculpts

Original cloak sculpt

Converted scenic basing

Original rope and shroud sculpt

Original sculpted chaos warp base

Contact us at for all your custom conversion and modeling needs!


  1. I finally found it:) haha you're really good!

  2. Just wanted to say, I loved the conversion work you did on my Ghetorix and think your work is worth every penny.

    1. Thank you Michael, that's exactly what I strive to do for each commission!


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