Fantasy Gallery

Monster Lab Miniatures Fantasy Painting Gallery

We offer our full line of painting options
for any range of fantasy miniatures.

High Elf Warrior - Masterpiece Edition
The Killing Joke - Showcase Edition

Stix, Bladebound Magus - Showcase Edition

Joss - Showcase Edition

The M&SU - Showcase Edition

Claw & Fang - Showcase Edition

Viktoria's Outcasts Crew: Showcase Edition

Pathfinder Legionnaire: Masterpiece Edition

Pathfinder Legionnaire: Masterpiece Edition

Owlbears: Showcase Edition

Rasputina's Arcanist Crew: Showcase Edition

Ice Golem: Showcase Edition

Sabertooth Cerberus Conversion: Showcase Edition

Rasputina: Showcase Edition

Wendigo: Showcase Edition

Ice Gamin: Showcase Edition

Tiefling Pyromancer: Showcase Edition

Elf Pyromancer: Showcase Edition

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