Monday, June 16, 2014

Blogflash: DGS Kuzaarik Kickstarter

The DGS guys are at it again, this time releasing a new adventuring group called the Kuzaarik.  In fantasy terms, the Kuzaarik race are what we all know and love as dwarves.  The kickstarter is ending in only 38 hours, and they're just shy of their $10,000 stretch goal, so drop by now and decide if you want to pitch in!

They're also offering loot markers made by yours truly as a $6 add on.  You get six markers: two map/dagger, two treasure chests, and two money bags.

Good luck to the DGS guys!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crabby the Soul Grinder: a Battle Ready Chaos Showcase

It's high time that Crabby got a paint job to do him justice.  Painting reds is one of my favorite color palettes right now, and I especially like dipping into the maroon end of the spectrum.  For Crabby I wanted to start at maroon for the undertones and work my way up to a nice bright blood red.  

With an airbrush this was fairly economic, first laying down a dark base for the shadows before layering successive lighter tones.

My favorite part of the model are all the eyes that have sprung up across his body!

A true demon engine, energy glows from Crabby's mouth, eyes, and exhaust points.

Crabby is a Battle Ready piece I am offering through the Monster Lab Web Store.  You can pick him up today for only $150!  For a custom convereted and painted soul grinder, that ain't half bad.  There's also plenty of other painted and un-painted models for purchase in the store, so if you need an addition to your force grab them now before they're gone!

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