Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boatman of River Styx Counts as Black Coach WIP

Before we dive into this week's work in progress, I'd like to take a moment to plug the tournament that I will be running on the first Saturday of April, the 7th.  If you're in the KC metro area and want to get in three games of 40k while taking a shot at winning some prize money and a first place trophy to put on your mantle, drop by 31st Century Games & Hobbies in Olathe, Kansas.  The format will be standard force organization charts at 1,500 points per player and three rounds that will test each competitor's abilities to command the table top in a multitude of classic war game situations (objective grab, kill points, securing table quarters, etc.).  Come prepared for a great afternoon of table top fun as you battle through the veil of treachery and the crucible of battle to war game glory!

Now, to the WIP.  Last time we left off after completing the hull and basic structure of the Boatman's vessel.  This week we continue work by hollowing out those large rib sections to make them contour pieces that fit the bend of the boat.  After that, a plasticard plank was laid down the length of the boat resting on the newly trimmed ribs.  I did this for one reason: with the ribs slimmed down and the plank added we can place floorboards for the boat's decking.

While those pieces are drying I moved on to add a length of board along the seam line of the boat's hull.  This covers up where the hull planks meet in the middle fore and aft.

Returning to the interior of the boat, I cut pieces of plasticard and laid them across to create the boat's decking.  Because the boat is for an undead army, I wanted a semi-decrepit and ramshackle appearance.  To do this, I laid the floorboards haphazardly, and gave them wear and tear. 

A really cool feature of the boat is the lantern post on the bow of the boat.  I made if from many little pieces of cut plasticard, and then sanded them down to created the contour I was looking for.

The aft of the boat will also feature a rudder.  I haven't decided where I'll place Charon, the driver, either fore or aft.  If he's at the back, he'll have one hand on the rudder and another on his scythe.  If he's at the front, then I'll have the boat steering itself, it's magical after all!

The construction of the boat is rapidly drawing to a close, stay tuned next time for the finished boat and as we get started on Charon and his undead passenger!


  1. Great vision for a force. I am really interested to see this model come together. It can be intimidating to commit to such a large build like this. I applaud you for posting the progress.

  2. Absolutely, this project will be 99% original construction all told, but fortunately I like building and sculpting!


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