Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Presenting March's Mad Hobbyist & Something To Hang Your Hat On

I'm proud to announce Cameron, the proprietor of Rust and the City, as this month's Mad Hobbyist!  Since he created his blog last year, I have looked forward each week to stopping over and seeing all of the great projects he's working on.  There has been a progression to what Cameron has been putting together and it's been a true pleasure to follow along and see his skills as a hobbyist grow.

He hasn't been keeping hush about his methods either, among the great WIP's and galleries he's posted, Cameron has also produced a collection of excellent full-picture tutorials.  One of my favorites is his tutorial on adding rust and weathering to terrain pieces.  More often than not, terrain gets overlooked, not to mention given the care it deserves, so it is even more exciting to see a hobbyist taking the time to do it right.

Cameron's chaos renegades and Plague Marines are projects he's worked on since he first started showing off his creations on his blog.  In the beginning his conversions were relatively simple, the mixing of chaos bitz and Guardsmen.  But as time has gone on his models have become increasingly complex, first with the additions of wire, and then even creating his own sculpts from green stuff.

It is Cameron's green stuff modeling that I really take my hat off to.  When done right, Nurgle sculpts look amazing, and his offerings definitely hit the mark.  Green stuff modeling opens up a whole other world of possibilities when it comes to creating a great conversion and it shows with his Nurgle Marines.

Once again, congratulations to Cameron and the great work he does at Rust and the City!  Keep up the great hobby!

As for me, my hobby has slowed a bit as of late.  Getting a 40k league up and running and taking over the local 40k tournaments at my hobby store 31st Century Games & Hobbies have taken up a majority of my time.

Still these projects are extremely rewarding and I'm glad I have the opportunity to support hobby gaming at my local store.  Here's a sneak peek at some of the promotional materials that will be available after the tournament next month on April 7th.

More information will be forthcoming in the days ahead and I'll be sure to share it as it becomes available!

As for the work that I've been putting in for the upcoming 40k tournaments, here's a look at a couple of trophies that first and second place will receive.

In addition to taking home a trophy, winners will be awarded a nice little windfall of store credit for use at 31st Century.  If you'll be in the KC Metro area on the weekend of the 7th, drop by with a 1,500 point force and take a shot at first place or just come and hang out!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Matt! I'm glad you have enjoyed it. It is interesting to reflect back on how things have evolved and progressed over the last few months since I started the blog. It really pushes me to improve the quality of my work. Thanks again!

  2. Absolutely! I enjoyed doing your piece and it was great to go back and see your work again from the start. I'm looking forward to seeing your next project!


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