Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DLBlog 3: Drug Addicts & Laser Burns

On The Bench

This past weekend I put in the time to complete a handful of Malifaux models to finish up the thematic group for the master Jakob Lynch, the drug-pushing gambler enslaved by the mind-controlling horror that lives in his casino's basement.

First up are the Depleted, the unfortunate patrons addicted to the drug Brilliance who have been nearly sucked dry of their life force to feed the beast's hunger.

In the past I have always used Reaper paints, but used Scale 75 paints for the first time when painting these guys. I'd heard good reviews about this relatively new line of paints and seen some impressive results, so I picked up a few of their paint sets. They have a super matte finish, which I find perfect for skin tones. The paint also has a very fine pigment which is great for thin glazes, although it takes quite a few coats to get an even base coat.

This is also the first time I've tried starting with a midtone basecoat and glazing in the shadows, rather than my typical method of dark base coat, wash, and several highlights. I think it turned out very well, especially with the dark red hue to make the skin look bruised and feverish. I especially like how the faces on the two shorter minis turned out.

Next up is an Illuminated. Those newly addicted to Brilliance undergo 'beneficial' mutations well-suited for combat. Their new-found power of short-lived, however. Over time their condition deteriorates until they are in the same state as the lowly Depleted, only to be wholly consumed by the Darkness.

This model is a kit bash: body from the Malifaux Female multi part kit and arms from an actual Illuminated. Jakob Lynch's box set comes with three Illuminated models. Two I have already painted, but the third wasn't to my liking, so I stole its arms and glued/green stuffed them to this chick.

I didn't use the Scale 75 paints for this model's flesh (as I was a bit frustrated at first trying to base coat the Depleted) and I reverted back to using Reaper medium and pale flesh tones. I'm not quite as happy with this model. After looking at the picture the highlighting, especially on the claws, could use some more work.

Finally there is the Hungering Darkness himself, an ancient Spirit of Malifaux that feeds off of the Brilliance-addicted patrons of Lynch's casino.

Figuring out a suitable color scheme for this guy had me stumped for quite a while. This sculpt isn't terribly liked in the Malifaux community. Affectionately nicknamed 'Huggy', it is a pretty goofy model to begin with and, depending on the paintjob, can get much more so. I wanted to stick with a simple paint scheme to avoid a mishmash of colors over the large surface area, so color of the main body parts is the turquoise scheme common throughout my Lynch crew. I wanted to keep the focus on the central portion of the model and away from the tiny slug tail and large protrusions on the side of the head, so for the rest of the body I applied a mix of black and iridescent medium. In the fluff Huggy is a spirit composed of the ethereal drug Brilliance, so I thought the glossy sparkle would be appropriate, and it came out better than I expected.

And here's the Jakob Lynch family photo.

And the paint streaked hand that signifies a good day of painting.

Next up in the paint queue are the Viktorias and their sisters in battle. You may remember seeing Matt's excellently painted versions in a previous post; these Viks are some older metal sculpts that I prefer the look of so they'll have a bit different aesthetic. I've had these ladies primed and based for a while and it's about time I give them the attention they deserve. I'll be trying out the Scale 75 metallic paints on their armor plates.

Hobby Storage

In the past couple of weeks I've picked up a few new ways to store all of my hobby toys. The first is a pair of paint racks from Burn In Designs. They are laser cut vertical paint storage racks specifically made for dropped bottles. With my collection of Reaper and Scale 75 bottles they were perfect for me. Each row holds up to 11 bottles; with 8 rows that's a bunch of paint stored in each rack. The top of even has a tray to hold misc items, like Citadel/P3 pots or other tools.

The pieces fit together very nicely. They recommend wood glue to hold it together securely, but only the the top lips and bottom legs require it, the rest firmly slots together.

I was previously using a very large nail polish rack which only held a little more than a single Burn In Design rack. Upgrading to the vertical racks is much more space efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

My second storage acquisition is a nice little display case. While in the Lake of the Ozarks last weekend I happened across this gem at a shop's going out of business sale. With 12 compartments perfect for storing Malifaux-sized Crews I snapped it up. It even has a mount on the bottom that allows you to spin it around to easily access all sides. 

The only downside was that the light wood color wasn't too my liking. After a quick tear down and sanding I applied a darker stain which is drying as I type this. In the next update I'll have pictures of it back together and filled with minis.

Thanks for reading. See you next week!


  1. Loving that display case. Was hoping you bought it somewhere so I could get one! The working from mid tones up and down is really brilliant. The results speak for themselves.

    1. Yeah, I have approx 1/3 of my Malifaux models painted so I could eventually use 2 more of them... It looks like a fairly simple build and looks to me like it was initially homemade. Just a bunch of acrylic stuck together and some simple cuts of wood.

  2. The Jakob Lynch crew turned out great! Of course my favorite is Lynch himself as it's hard to beat the custom card table you made. The fire skeleton is excellent too. Runner up is the illuminated with gore on her chest. More gore on future models, please and thank you.

    1. I agree, I love how the Tamiya clear red paint mixed with a bit of Agrax Earthshade wash looks. Splatter some out the end of a pipette and goop some on once the mix dries out a bit and it adds so much to a mini. I added some to the Vik of Blood I'm working on, and my next Crew will be Leveticus, just so I can splatter blood all over the Abominations.

    2. I almost forgot you had a secret formula for blood splatter.. I think adding chunks is the next step, more Saw than Carrie!


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