Monday, September 21, 2015

Charity Paint: "Adventure Ho!"

Word's gotten around the office that I have a creative side (I admit I don't go to great lengths to hide it) and when the recent GivingSOLO charity auction came up, a coworker asked if I would like to contribute a work of art.  With 24 hours to complete my piece I knew exactly what I wanted to make!

It's been awhile since I did purely illustrative piece, but I found myself struck by a bolt of creative inspiration, and without hesitation I raced to my nearest Hobby Lobby to purchase a new set of brushes, a couple of canvases (only $5.50 for two!) and acrylic paints.

Being under a strict deadline, I opted for a quick, but effective sky/sea blocking, not stressing over even paint distribution to the canvas's edge, but keeping with a messy look that would help further the whimsical image of a child's daydream.

Since this is a charity that benefits sick children and childhood cancer, I wanted to create a piece that showed off the wonder and innocence of being a kid, and how even in the most difficult of circumstances those qualities don't diminish one bit.  In fact, they probably grow!  

I imagine this to be the spitting image of a child's idle thoughts when they're stuck inside looking out on the adventure waiting just outside on a summer day.

I was pretty happy with it, but something was missing...

How about daydreams for the daydream!  A simple silver marker treatment added nine ephemeral illusions to the piece, which include: a rocket launch, dragon (never forget the dragon!), faerie, tiger, spelunker, slalom skier, treasure chest, north wind, and Loch Ness Monster!

My piece was sold at auction during the first GivingSOLO exhibition and I'm truly grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute.  If you're in the KC, MO area on Friday October 2nd at 5-9pm, the second installment of the art exhibit will be hosted at 19 Below, so stop by, pick up some fun local art, and have a great time for a wonderful cause!

Altruism aside, I want to switch gears to a subject that is so pitilessly unphilathropic, that it would make Donald Trump blush.  I'm talking about the conflict that brews on a seemingly peaceful hexagonal paradise, where resources are plentiful, and on a good day you can hear the echoing cries of, "I've got wood for sheep!"  Yes, I'm talking about Catan.

This was one of those hilarious game night moments with your friends when the cosmic-forces-that-be decide they're going to have a little bit of fun...

It all started when Donny and his girlfriend came over to play a few games with me and mine on one of our regular Friday nights.

After I won an exciting round of Boss Monster through a masterful display of dominant dungeon building and shrewd skill. Donovan decided he had to take a shot at the champ and casually suggested we play a game, one that he had undoubtedly studied as extensively as a doctoral student;,employing the help of: tutorials, youtube videos, and shadow playing for what could only be 50+ hours.

"Why don't we play Catan?"  He asked, feigning nonchalance.  

I wasn't buying any of it, so I flashed him a thin smile that didn't quite reach my eyes, though I opened the Settlers box with matched forced disinterest.

"Sure. Why not?"  I said.  And that was my fatal error.

All began well as we built our first settlements and collected resources on the peaceful island nation.  Though I suspected something was amiss, I admit I was taken unawares by the jackal lurking in our midst...

That's the brigand himself, with the self-contented Cheshire grin of a man who has rolled ten 7's.  Ten!!  Ten I say!

And played four knights (the fifth is still turned over in front of him waiting to spring its trap).  

For all of you not versed in the game play of Catan, when you roll a seven or play a knight card you get to move the grey thief pawn onto a hex and steal a random resource from a player who borders that tile.  Needless to say, Donovan aimed each and every looting at me, plundering my hand and using the ill-gotten gains to trounce us all handily.


So there you have it.  No good deed goes unpunished, and when you play Donovan in Catan and he breaks out his "special dice," you best beware!

See you next time for more tales of gaming and hobby goodness!  Have a great week!


  1. Great piece on the artwork! You should do a series like that, using similar characters in the future.

    1. Thanks Greg! I do want to do a series. The next one will have a lone tree on a hill and a tire swing :)

  2. Good to see you posting regularly again!

    I'm painting a Ramos crew. What colour did you use for the bronze on your Ramos crew?


    1. Haha, yeah I do have more time to post again finally! It was the old Hapshut Copper by GW. The replacement for Dwarf Bronze. The verdigris is the secret however...

    2. Ha-ha. Bronze/brass is tough. I've found one that is okay but not perfect. I'll have some of my Ramos crew up for n the next few weeks, after a long hiatus into flames of war.

    3. It really can be. Do you base coat with a dark brown underneath your first bronze layer? That makes a world of difference. I'm looking forward to checking out your Ramos crew!


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