Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crabby the Soul Grinder: a Battle Ready Chaos Showcase

It's high time that Crabby got a paint job to do him justice.  Painting reds is one of my favorite color palettes right now, and I especially like dipping into the maroon end of the spectrum.  For Crabby I wanted to start at maroon for the undertones and work my way up to a nice bright blood red.  

With an airbrush this was fairly economic, first laying down a dark base for the shadows before layering successive lighter tones.

My favorite part of the model are all the eyes that have sprung up across his body!

A true demon engine, energy glows from Crabby's mouth, eyes, and exhaust points.

Crabby is a Battle Ready piece I am offering through the Monster Lab Web Store.  You can pick him up today for only $150!  For a custom convereted and painted soul grinder, that ain't half bad.  There's also plenty of other painted and un-painted models for purchase in the store, so if you need an addition to your force grab them now before they're gone!

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