Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lords of Decay: a Nurgle Demon Showcase

I've been working on some seriously nasty Nurgle demons lately.  A new customer to the Lab, Aaron H., sent me two Plague Hulks, a Great Unclean One, and a winged Demon Prince.  He wanted something nasty, Nurgly, and for an affordable price.  I said, no problem.

Each of the four demons got a preliminary airbrushing to build the base tones and shading.  I went back with a wash to get the heavy recesses, but using an airbrush really does make painting large models very affordable.  Each Plague Hulk only set him back $35.

I love, love, love brass pieces with blue verdigris.  It's a super easy way to make a piece that much more complete.

What would a Nurgle demon be without large gaping wounds?  Man that's nasty.

Here's Plague Hulk #2, just as gross as the first, but with subtly different green and flesh tones.

Much like Kermit the Frog, the Great Unclean One is green... it ain't easy being green.

Probably because your guts are trailing out behind you...

That's gotta be a real drag... ba da ding!

His demon prince borrowed a couple of wings from the Plague Drone kit.  I ordered another couple of sets off ebay and am hoping they arrive before the due date on Tuesday so this guy has a proper set of four wings.

This guy's ugly mug reminds me of this.

That's it for this week, thanks for checking out the latest project here at the Lab!

Until next time, good hobbying!


  1. Was worried about you since you haven't posted in so long! Now I know why - nice job on those wings there :)

    Get in touch with you soon!

    1. Ha ha, never fear. Life is getting quite busy lately. Harley made it into med school, we're going to be moving, and I am joining corporate america!

  2. The plague drone wings were an excellent idea. Also like the brass wear. These are great models!

    1. Thank you Greg! I too am fond of verdigris weathering on brass pieces. In two seconds flat you have a well rounded metal piece that looks all that much more convincing.


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