Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monster Lab Miniatures New Releases!

When I came up with the name Monster Lab, I stuck with it because it was a fun metaphor for the work I was doing: creating hobby horrors to rampage across the table top.  In the early days my work was all burly space elf abominations, undead three-headed dogs, and dark lords of the underworld.  Ok, not much has really changed.  I love table top hobby, just like you undoubtedly do, and the past decade has been a great journey.  I've met a lot of great people and had more fun than I ever thought 28mm minis could supply.  I opened up the Midwest Monster Lab commissioned painting and modeling services in the spring of 2012, and after working with some truly wonderful people I've decided it's time to take the next step.  As far as announcements go, this is good as any:  I'm proud to announce the creation of Monster Lab Miniatures!

You may have noticed some banner changes here and there around this site and the nod I made last week to a project that is helping to fuel the changes.  I'm going into the miniatures market and I'd love to show you what's new, and what's on the very close horizon!

Let's take a look.

My first line of product (wave 1 if you will) is resin cast bases/markers.  Bases/markers?  Right.  They are designed primarily as markers (objective, scheme, scrap, corpse, wreck, you name it), but as you can see above, most work well as awesome scenic basing!

Let's take a closer look at the full line of first release bases and markers!

Here are the five scrap markers seen above.  There's tons of great little bitz on the bases: gears, tesla coils, severed robot heads, crystal energy cores...  I'm really looking forward to showing you the painted product when I have them done next week.  Until then, here they are in unpainted resin.

Scheme markers are great for skirmish level games like Malifaux, Mordheim, and the like, to represent objectives, loot, and resources.  The treasure chest is a favorite of my play group, but let's not forget the dynamite, map & dagger, money bags, and tool box!

Unfortunately, all things must die.  This is as true in hobby gaming as in life.  Luckily we have a brand new set of corpse markers to represent these causalities!  That's not to say they can't be used as objectives or bases.  Nothing says, "this is my badass-axe-wielding-head-chopping-champion," like standing with a foot propped up on a pile of skulls!

Next week I'm going to show you the painted versions of these new markers, unveil a new marketplace site, and tell you where you can find them!  Until then, have a great hobby!

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