Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Monster Lab New Releases!

Last week I gave a preview of the new line of scenic bases/gaming markers that I'm producing in collaboration with Prairie House Miniatures.  All the miniatures featured here are available at the brand new site in the web store.  Be sure to check out the promo for 15-50% off your next Monster Lab purchase at the bottom of the page.  If you've been kicking around the idea of commissioning a project, this is the time to do it! (15% off promo also applies to web store purchases)

I promised pictures of the painted pieces I showed you last week and I'm excited to show them off to you here today!

Let's take a look...

This is the Crystal Marker 5 Pack, a simple design that works well with games ranging from Warhammer 40k to Warmachine and Malifaux to Wild West Exodus.  I had a blast painting the mysterious glow on each crystal.

There's a lot of room for creative interpretation with these crystal markers, I'm excited to paint up a few for my Rasputina Malifaux crew.

Plots and schemes take many forms, be they money laundered for bribes or dynamite at the ready for a devastating explosion.  This Scheme Marker 5 Pack gives you as many markers ready to represent objectives that any gunslinging desperado or conniving bureaucrat would maneuver to achieve.  

Check out all the individual gold coins littering the ground around these money bags!

What's in the trunk?  That's for you to decide!  Will it be a venerable old redwood lock box or a dark vestibule emanating a creepy glow?...

This scheme marker pulls double duty as a Scrap Marker and works well as a base too!

Complete with map, dagger, and compass, this map leads to treasure, or maybe it plots the path of enemy movements...

When the fate of machines turns for the worse, they live on as scrap markers.  This Scrap Marker 5 Pack contains as many beautifully sculpted markers representing the mechanical spoils of war.

A personal favorite of mine, this marker represents the remains of a construct that was powered by arcane crystals.

Ramos, Joss, and three Steam Arachnids from Wyrd Miniature's Malifaux

Scrap Markers also work incredibly well as bases for the mechanophiles in your force... I'm thinking of you tech priest.

Whether you're reanimating them as undead fighting corpses or claiming them as objectives, this Corpse Marker 5 Pack is great for gaming and model basing alike!

To help us celebrate the launch of Monster Lab Miniatures, I'd like to offer you 15% off your web store purchases and even up to 50% off you next commissioned project.  Check out the promo poster below for full details!


  1. I threw you a bone on Dakkadakka. Hope things work out!

    1. Thanks Aaron! I'm pretty stoked about having a production line. There's a lot coming on the horizon... 40mm & 50mm round lipped bases, straight lipped bases... stay tuned!


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