Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Fimir Showcase: Command Model Conversions

Last November I showcased Michael P.'s strange fimir themed warriors of chaos army.  It was horrible, it was Lovecraftian, it was awesome.  Since then, Michael has been hard at work getting his new army ready for AdeptiCon.  To fill out his units he needed command models, so I got hard at work making three converted banner bearers and three musicians.

Let's take a look at the finished models!

I wanted to keep true to the original weapons the fimir came with, turning the staves into maces wherever possible; though one lucky fimir got a whole new cleaver to add some much needed choppy action to his unit!

The banner conversions took their inspiration from a Celtos banner topper showing a fertile woman.  Michael wanted that woman converted into a fimir female, complete with one eye and beaky snout.

The banner pole was a simple brass pinning rod, accentuated with a little green stuff work.

I liked the eye as a prominent feature on the topper, hieroglyphic in its proportions.

This fellow has a snake running up his banner pole, its tongue reaching even further up its length.

I'm not sure where Michael got the horns for the musicians, but they made great bases for more elaborate and weirder designs.  All three horse-head horns received more filigree and added ornamental horns.

Yet even more models are on the way for Michael's fimir army, soon to follow are chaos slugs pulling chariots!  Come back next week to check out the magnetization projects that I'm working on for David D., and the additions he's making to his chaos space marine army!

Until then, good gaming and happy holidays!


  1. Really nice work! Do you paint these or does Michael P? I would really love to see how these look all dun'up.

    1. Thanks David! Michael paints his minis and I do the conversions. We have plans to take a look at Michael's painted army when he sets off for AdeptiCon, so in April!


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