Monday, November 26, 2012

Soul Grinder Models Complete

The soul grinder conversions I was working on two weeks ago are done!  Let's take a look..

The headdress was an important part of The Wizard's conversion, acting as both focal point and major contributor to his theme as a disciple of Tzeentch.  It turned out better than I hoped, very Tzeentchy and very arcane.  The asymmetry of the crest design gives a nod to chaos, but is clean enough to befit a high minion of the god of sorcery.

The flames coming off The Wizard's claw were the last addition made to his model.  Stepping back from him I knew he needed some more items that said, "I'm a disciple of the arcane."  

Unlike his counterpart Crabby, The Wizard has multiple pieces of ornamentation, in this case a bit of bling around his neck.  All hail the Lord of Change!

And here's Crabby in all his chaotic glory.  What says chaos more than extra eyes and mouths?

... a face a mother wouldn't even kiss.

Crabby's gaping mouth was part of an early attempt to create differentiation between the two 'grinders I was working on.  I was digging its hideously unfinished nastiness, but felt he still needed a little something.  In the end it was a pair of mandibles that won out, it still keeps his mouth unfinished and nasty, but properly functional.

With the 'grinders done it's back to working on commission pieces for me.  On my desk are a slew of Skethar demons from Freeblades, a Warp Wolf/Ghetorix conversion for Hordes, and a very special commission due in February!  I was contacted by a local convention to do an original sculpt for their convention miniature.  This is especially exciting because it will be my first massed produced mini!

Thanks for dropping by the Monster Lab, come back next week to see what's on my desk and for more hobby goodness!


  1. Very cool conversions, I especially like the tzeentch one!

    1. Thank you very much good sir, they were a ton of fun to do.

  2. Nice conversions - I know they will look really well after the paint jobs are done! Get back to work!

    1. Ha ha, I'm always at work.. it's just usually on someone else's model!


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