Thursday, December 12, 2013

Showcase: Black Legion Oath-Broken

The Oath-Broken have been unleashed!  This week I finished painting a conversion commission I received from David. D., a unit of chosen for his Black Legion army.  The Oath-Broken were a ton of fun to paint, each having his own unique personality, and all of them being rough-and-tumble misfits looking for redemption.

Let's dive in and take a look at the painted minis!

Marius Titus leads the band of Oath-Broken, a veteran of many campaigns, looking to regain his position of prominence within the Legion.

I wanted three contrast points to stand out on the finished model: his power swords, plasma pistol, and banner.  

Once you get the hang of it, painting glow effects is a great way to add a visual "thrum" of power emanating from a weapon.  Of course, his power sword and plasma pistol emit such a glow.. his helmet's eyepieces do too!

That banner has seen some serious carnage, blood crusted to its front and back.  I'm willing to bet Marius picked it up off a fallen standard bearer and strapped it to his back so that he would be more visible to those he wished to impress on the battlefield.

Here's the two in the squad shooting one-handed, fully painted!  Where each O.B. has taken combat damage on his armor the recently painted (in the last 10,000 years or so) black has chipped away to show the original sea-green of the Sons of Horus.

You might have noticed that each of the two above has a lens that is not emitting a glow.  Both have sustained damage to their helmets, disabling the higher uses of one eyepiece (I imagine they can still see through them, but they don't get battlefield specs, etc.).

When going full-auto on your bolter, only two hands will do, and that's exactly what these three are doing.

Now that they're painted, a lot of the cool conversions that went into each model are clearly visible; like the bionic right arm on the marine in the upper left.

The middle O.B. scavenged a backpack off of a loyalist marine... probably an Ultramarine by the looks of things.

And now for the close combat fanatics!  These two are a couple of my favorites, especially the one with two axes.

The dual axe-wielder has had his eye put out, and it's still oozing.  Check out the scars radiating out from his eye socket!  

Judging by the weapons of these two, they've really been thrashing their opponents in melee combat.

Many of the O.B. have hastily patched up wounds, like the marine on the right.  

Check out the rust marring the bare metal portions of this guy's face plate.

And with one last look at the whole squad, that's it!  Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest project here at the Monster Lab.

Come back next time to see more!


  1. Banner and eye patched dude are awesome! The different colored scrapes really make this unit look like they've seen some action.

  2. Cant wait to see these guys up close.

  3. And to clear things up with the right shoulder pad roman numeral for IV(4) meaning. This squad is Oath-Broken, they failed their master and the leader of the Black Legion Ezekyle Abaddon. This happend during the 10th Black Crusade. In this Crusade Abaddon forged an alliance with Perturabo ( the Primarch of the Iron Warriors Legion IV). They took the fight to the Iron Hands homeworld (in the Medusa system). As the battle raged on the homeworld of the Iron Hands defeat seemed imminent. And with all due haste Abaddon called for a retreat. With this he selected ten sqads to stay behind and so Abaddon and the rest ofthe Black Legion could run away (again). This left 100 Black legion Spacemarines along with all the attachments from the Iron Warriors the master of the siege. Left behind by their Legion to die they fought tooth and nail for hours on end (While their own Legion was already gone)and at their feet lay dead 100's of Iron Hands while protecting Iron Warriors siege units as they fell back. Just as they were going to be over run a Landraider from the Iron Warriors broke through and took in the survivors( there were only 9 grunts and 1 Champion). They made it to a landing craft and made it away. From this day they went back to their old sea-green armor color and stayed with the Iron Warriors legion as Wolves of Horus. This is when they got their Necron augments. As the next Black crusade is about to begin they have been called to honor the oath they made to Horus and fight the "loyal" marines.(The champion is not the leader of the group he is the double axed melee model) They repaint their armor black and go into battle. They have become a Chosen squad to Abaddon for they are ruthless in combat to repay the debt to Iron Warriors and their God (Horus, Thats why they cannot heal like normal chaos they have forsaken most of them even though they do emmit some boons of Chaos from time to time). The IV on their shoulder is the Bond they have with the Iron Warriors.

    1. Thanks David for the awesome back story. It was really great working with you on this project! I enjoyed helping to shape the fiction of some of your minis!


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