Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Showcase: One Strange Warriors of Chaos Army

As promised I'm back this week to show off a chaos army you're probably not used to seeing on the table top.  This project stretches all the way back to September when I received a commission from long-time customer Michael P. to do weapon-tail and helmet conversions on a squad of Fimir.  The project kept rolling from there, and after Michael added two demon princes to the list and a lamassu, it was finally complete!  

I put the finishing touches on the lamassu last week and it's time to show off the entire army, let's take a look!

The lamassu's head is a conversion bit from Raging Heroes.  They call it a sphinx head, but it fits perfectly with the chaos dwarf look of Warhammer fantasy and the lamassus they employ.

The body of the beast comes from the chaos Manticore kit for Warhammer fantasy, and its tail is that of a Skaven Hell Pit Abomination.

By definition a lamassu is either a bull or lion with the head of a man and the wings of an eagle.  Warhammer depicts theirs as the cloven type, so Michael was keen to have the rear feet converted to hooves (the kit comes stock with what can be roughly described as reptilian feet).  A bit of grey stuff later, and voila!  Full frontal lamassu.

Having already seen the pics of the rest of the models, you're probably wondering what the whole army looks like together...

What a great project to work on, it was truly a blast and I'm excited for Michael to wreak havoc with his models on the table top.

That's all for this time, come back next week to see what else is brewing at the Monster Lab!

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