Thursday, September 5, 2013

Showcase: Pathfinder Elf Pyromancer

I'm back this week to show you a quick five-hour paint done for one of my role-playing clients.  This is a Pathfinder Elf Pyromancer with requested lava basing and flamekin familiar.

The basing is a piece of the Warhammer Achaon base cut to fit on a 25mm round.  Lots of people use cork board to do a nice simple cracked earth effect, but this this little gem was on hand I was happy to use it instead.

The skin tone is the Reaper rosy skin triad with a bit of dark brown added to make rings under the eyes.  His unhealthy pallor is what every mage should have.. too much time delving into arcane lore is bad for your health!

The rock glow was a gradual blend from 1:1 German Grey and Red Gore all the way to yellow.  For a piece with a longer time allowance I would definitely like to a glow from the lava up onto the pyromancer and from the familiar onto his head, arm and shoulder.

I've always wanted to do a lava base, and I had a lot of fun doing it on this model for the first time.

That's it, another painting commission down, now it's time to get started on some sculpting commissions.  I'll have converted Fimir and a Cygor to show you next week and an original sculpted dragon base after that!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!

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