Friday, July 5, 2013

Live from KantCon 2013 (no really, we're live, right now)

As of 8am this morning KantCon 2013 has been underway!  The gaming and hobby goodness continues until 11pm tonight at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Overland Park, KS just off of I-35 and 95th street.  So far, it's been a blast; I've gotten in a game of Sentinels over at the Greater than Games booth, and met a lot of awesome people.  The crowds are really digging all the DGS models I've been showing off for Freeblades and some of my other paints, conversions, and original sculpts.  Sweet Olive Book's Jessie A. is side-by-side with me and she's enjoying her first convention, especially as a vendor.

I'd like to show off a few minis I've painted recently for a brand new client Ron N. before I get to some shots of the convention.

Let's take a look!

This is Morgryd a level 8 dwarf fighter for Pathfinder who wields a frostbane axe.  Morgryd is a tough old nail and the grey in his beard is starting to show his years.  Ron got this model 1-day rushed to him, that's some good service!

Another member of Ron's group's raiding party is Kaidyn, an elf wizard.  Ron really wanted to showcase his character's arcane prowess with a glowing staff and some eldritch runes.

Taking inspiration from the Lord of the Rings, I put some glowing elven script at the hem of his cloak.

The last model Ron had me do so far was this Tiefling magus named Epoch.  To show Epoch's pyromantic skill I gave him glowing orange eyes.  Another add was the sword in his left hand, fabricated from green stuff and plasticard.

Epoch has the more extreme dark red skin that Tieflings may possess and the blue hair to match.  The blue hair was achieved with Valejo's German Grey and GW Hawk Turquiose (I'm slowly transitioning to dropper bottles as my paints run out).

Which brings us to this year's KantCon!

Two returning characters are Help! the gnome and the Jabbergluck, both of which were sporting enough to pose for this picture.

The Midwest Monster Lab and Sweet Olive Books booth is in the vendor hall located between the Costume Wrangler's Closet and Black Blade Publishing.

Harley and Jessie have been working hard at the booth all day, making food runs and holding down the fort while I caper off to see what's going on in the gaming area and to take these pictures.

Come down to KantCon and visit us tonight, Saturday, and Sunday!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Just out of surgery and not going to make it... Did finally get a hold of an airbrush. Hope to be able to show some new skills!

    Also saw the new faction for Freeblades got funded! Hope to get back up to play soon.

    Have a great weekend!


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