Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Works in Progress

There have been a ton of projects cluttering my table as of late.  Long gone are the days when I would focus all my energies on the completion of a single army (I completed each of my previous armies, first, Iron Warriors, then Night Lords, then Biel-tan Eldar before moving on to the next).  I attribute this to when I got serious about sculpting last summer and scratch built three Dark Eldar grotesques.  The nature of working with Green Stuff modeling putty is that you should let it dry before working on an adjacent piece of the model to avoid ruining detail and leaving prints.  So, after fifteen minutes of sculpting I would have a couple hours to burn before beginning work on the models again.  Presented with this quandry, I stared working on other projects to fill the time, and so ended my career as a one project hobbyist.

Now my table is consistently cluttered with everything from demons to space marines, Eldar to Tau and with projects ranging in diversity from display boards to custom built bases.  It's great to be working on such a wealth of projects because it keeps hobbying fresh, though the danger is that one good idea may get shelved for another.  I tend to appreciate multi-hobbying for its former aspect and the creativity it brings.

With that said, let's take a look at what's currently on my desk.

Having recently completed my first squad of pink horrors for my Tzeentch demons army, I've moved on to flamers.  What really makes these little beasties cool is that their bases are the flooring from the manufactorum building boxed set, and each flamer has a specific place on the display board that I began building in October.

Another project that ties in with the display board is the creation of a large number of green stuff modeled warp bases.  This one here belongs to the demon army's general, Kairos Fateweaver.  Due to the base's 60mm size and the prominence of Kairos' position in the army I went to town lavishing on the details.  There's tentacle aplently, a few eyeballs, and a couple of gaping maws to give the feeling that potential in the warp is coalescing to form something truly nasty.

Here is Kairos himself, newly attached to his custom built base.. he almost looks to be summoning the abomination at his feet into existence.

There are two other notable works in progress cluttering my desk that I wish I could show you, but in the spirit of anonymity, I can't speak about them.  What I can say is that, come late July and if all things go golden, then there will be some added hardware taking up space next to my demon army.

Here's a look at my first commission work, paid for at the price of a free dinner by one of my good buddies who plays Blood Angels.  He said that he wanted a shoulder pad for his Knights of Blood librarian which incorporated a skull with horns and bat wings.

I went to town on Dave's shoulder pad, and in the end, it was quite large.  Though I kept trimming the wings, they still ended up being pretty obtrusive and on this test model, the pad would only fit on a downward directed arm and only if the adjacent vent on the model's backpack was cut off.  I texted him these pics and he said he loved it, so I'm counting that as a first commission job well done.

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