Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Showcase: Dwarf Huscarl, Pirate, Symidian Merchant, and More!

Another commission is in the books and I'm proud to show off the completed models in this week's showcase.  Let's take a look!

This is DGS Games' dwarf (called Kuzaarik) huscarl.  This is a splendid piece with tons of potential and a true joy to paint.  Bronze armor is absolutely gorgeous and I took every opportunity to put as much bronze on the model as possible.

A model that I detailed as a work in progress in last week's "What's on My Desk" feature was this pirate.  The model itself is relatively straightforward, so I wanted to build some complexity with the base.  As you can see in last week's post, I built the base from plasticard and green stuff to make a pier.

A thin piece of plasticard made an excellent wanted poster.

I built the pirate's color pallet on a red and black base.  For contrast points I focused on her green-blue eyes, the plumage in her cap (bird of paradise) and the ropes.  Usually I don't consider brown a contrast point, but there you have it.

This Symidian Merchant is another favorite of mine, he has a huge amount of character for such a simple sculpt.  Like the pirate above, this mini just wouldn't do standing amongst the bushes, so I sculpted up a Persian rug to put him in place of a market bazaar (or lavish pavilion).

This man-at-arms is another model I spent time detailing last week.  The richness truly is in the details here, lots of freehand heraldry and insignias.

This stone golem, called Zakerlash in the DGS Freeblades universe, was an interesting paint.  I wanted to highlight the forward motion of the model so I placed the rocks on its base leveled up and then out to create a complementary base flow.  I think it also give the model the impression that the golem is manifesting out of its rocky surroundings.

The last two pieces were far more mundane, first, an animal swarm, and second, a snake swarm.  Though the name of the piece above is "swarm" it's my feelings that it is more woodland cuddly than swarmy.  Ha ha.  All the animal sculpts on the base are great and gave me the opportunity to build a rather pleasant nature scene.  Note how the other animals are distancing themselves from the one predator (the fox) on the base.

For the snake swarm I wanted to depict as many poisonous/deadly snakes as possible.  From left to right they are: Diamondback Rattlesnake, Coral Snake, Green Tree Python, Arizona Black Rattlesnake, Egyptian King Cobra, and an Monacle Cobra.

Thanks for stopping by, join me again next week!

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