Thursday, September 13, 2012

Freeblades Gallery: Illusionist, Necromancer, and Porcupine Bears

This week I'm showing off another commission I've done for the Freeblades game system.  Some of this week's offering were first detailed in last month's "What's on My Desk" feature covering custom bases.  The models are done and here they are!

This is a Mershael Illusionist.  I wanted to give him a base denoting his prowess as an accomplished sorcerer, but one that also put in a rural setting where he'd been in the thick of the fighting.

What I ended upon was a tome of spells and a few bottles of potion sitting at his feet to give him the feel that he's in the heat of casting a spell, and has hurriedly gobbled down a poultice with his trusty tome open for reference.

This necromancer also for the DGS Freeblades line, offered an opportunity to do a heavy under-lighting effect that I couldn't resist.  After first seeing this model I knew I wanted to do an effect reminiscent of Minas Morgul from the Lord of the Rings movies (there's something incredibly sinister about under-glowing green light).

Jon threw another couple of Grular my way to add to his freeband that I completed in July.  For these two I wanted to go with a darker armor scheme to set them apart from their brother models already in the throng.

Check out the Krang below and his lame right eye!

In some Freeblades missions you have to go up against NPC's or go on animal hunts, for those scenarios there are the porcupine-bears called Grushes.

The Grush models are fantastic and I had a lot of fun painting their faces, which are incredibly expressive.

For the one above, I went with a traditional Grush coloration of dark browns and red browns and for the second I wanted a more exotic look, so I painted an albino complete with pink eyes.

That's it for this week, thanks for stopping by and as always, good hobbying and happy gaming!

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