Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day at Collector's Cache for a Wet Palette Workshop

This was the offer...

Take your painting to the next level? And for the low low price of free?  Yes, please!  

A total of thirteen of Collector's Cache's best and brightest new hobbyists sat down with me last Saturday to uncover the awesome mysteries of using a wet palette.  For many beginners starting down the path of painting (kind of like an Eldar path...) there's a few things that seem daunting.  One of which is trying advanced techniques, like blending.  A wet palette make blending a breeze.  You can blend two, three, or more colors together on the palette and come back to them over the course of your painting because they simply don't dry out.  In fact, if you'd like more specifics, check out this handy-dandy tutorial on how to make a palette and this one on its detailed use.

Here's some of the guys, hard at work on their models trying out highlighting, blending, washing, and shading. 

Time to plug Collector's Cache.  CC is located on the north-east corner of College Blvd and Pflumm Rd and has lots of room for activities.  Painting for instance, or playing your favorite table top game, or even dueling it out with friends with a number of card games (that's what they started with).  There's even cool vintage arcade games you can play in the back.  If you live in KC, you should definitely check it out.

After everyone had a few hours to try out the techniques I was teaching, it was 40k paintball time!

This is an idea Steve Feral came up with.  Each model is BS 3, T4, with 3 wounds, and each gun is assault 1, S4.  When your model takes a wound the shooter gets to put a blob of their color of paint on your model.  3 blobs of paint and you're out!

We played on a couple of pieces of unpainted Citadel modular board.  I suggested that we flick paint onto the model to represent wounds, that way paint gets all over the board too.  Hopefully they'll take my advice in the future... now, if everyone had an airbrush...

I had the good fortune of scoring the first wound!

As an Ultramarine I decided I would rely on tactics to win the day... and hopefully my snazzy highlights would stave off any incoming paintballs.

Things started to get mixed up quite quickly with three models dicing it up in the upper half and the rest of us having a menage a quad down below.

Ryan had the unfortunate honor of being first knocked out.  "Iceman" Garrett put him down, and as we'll come to see, Ryan wouldn't be his last victim.

When things heated up and only one table half was left I made a tactical withdrawal to the corner so as to gain the upper hand.  It might have worked if it weren't for the fact that I was only capable of rolling 1's, 2's, and 3's.  Except for armor saves, I saved 5 wounds only letting one slip through in the early rounds.

Pretty soon we were slugging it out and our guns got better, first to assault 2, then assault 3 with split fire!  It was the two Garretts and I left, and with a laugh Garrett #1 said, "alright, I've got three shots, I'm going to take both of you out with this one salvo," (between Garrett #2 and I, we had a total of 3 wounds left).  And you know what, he did it!  Three hits, three wounds, and three failed saves.  Everyone was cheering, it was really quite something.

Well, that's it for this week and a look at our painting day at Collector's Cache and a fun take on 40k paintball.  A special thanks to Steve Feral and his event organizing crew dubbed "Feral Events" for hosting me and footing the bill for all those wet palettes.

Hope you can make it to the next painting day at Collector's Cache!

Friday, April 11, 2014

An Infinity WIP: Haqqislam Hassassin Lasiq

I had the pleasure of painting my first Infinity model this week and playing my first game.  My first thoughts are that the gameplay is fun and the mechanics not overbearing.  Shooting is the main form of combat in the game and the strategy that goes into movement and positioning makes every aspect of your turn count.  I played with seven models and we finished our game in 30 minutes with ease.  All in all, I'd like to play more and experience what the different factions have to offer, hacking into someone's gun, and turning it off, sounds hilarious!  

The model I got was from Tommy R., who wanted to paint up this Haqqislam Hassassin Lasiq as a proxy Quarian Assassin for Mass Effect.  I wanted to do something special on this model, so in addition to non-metallic metals all around I embarked on an ambitious project to create mirror effects wherever I could...

I'm very pleased with his visor, which shows a nice desert landscape reflection.

The tiles are another beast, with some cracked and pitted, my brain began to fry trying to figure out all the different reflections.

After 8 hours of work total I'm not completely satisfied with the forward plates, so I've got a bit of tweaking left to do.  The model's due on Wednesday next week, so I have plenty of time for edits.  I'll have pics of what I come up with then!

That's it for this week and this tale of an assassin who is searching for a mirror that shows his good side!

Until next time!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sneak Peek: April's Relic Bases

It's almost new release time for this month!  This week I'm giving you a first look at the 40k bases I've put together for April.  These bases have been dubbed 'Relic' bases for their strong ties to archea and the Necrons.  Each base is a hand-sculpted cracked earth dirt with a combination of crystals and/or fragments of monolithic architecture.  Pieces of architecture have hieroglyphics inscribed on them that echo those seen in the Necron civilization, but can easily be used for any representation of any ancient big-ass-structure-building-long-lost-race (ABASBLLR for short). I'm doing 25mm 10 packs for $10, 40mm 5 packs for $8, and 60mm 2 packs for the cool price of $6.  Relic bases will be ready for release in about two weeks, and they'll be available in the webstore and at KC metro hobby stores like Table Top Game and Hobby and Collector's Cache (which has recently begun carrying table top miniatures games)!

Let's take a closer look at this month's offerings...

I really liked the Crystal Bases that I made for scheme markers in Malifaux and wanted to do another take on them for 40k.  Something Necron sounded like a fine idea, so I added ancient architecture with undecipherable hieroglyphics for added awesomeness.  When in doubt I do my best to follow the formula (cool + badass = total awesome sauce).  It usually turns out pretty well.

Cracked earth works great for a desert/dead world dwelling race like the Necrons, and it looks great with crystals and chunks of rock too!

I'm saying these are 'Necron' bases, but I could definitely see space marine terminators trudging across these 40mm rounds looking completely hardcore in an alien landscape.

I had a lot of fun painting the last batch of crystals, and I'm looking forward to doing more!

Here's the 40's and 25's side-by-side.  I don't have pics of the 60's here, but that has mostly to do with the fact that they're only about 25% done.  They'll be ready by release, so never fear!

That's it for this week and the preview of this month's new base release from the Lab.  Be sure to come back next time and check out the female inquisitor I've done for a good friend of mine, Aaron J.!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A KantCon 2014 Showcase: Massive Defender!

I just finished up an original sculpt project for the fine folks over at KantCon for their convention this year.  The Character's name is Massive Defender, a personality concocted by their organizer/founder Ethan P. and the talented illustrator Jay C.  I did their convention mini, Help! the Gnome, last year and was excited to do another one and be a part of a great local hobby gathering.

Let's take a look at the completed sculpt!

Massive is described as a Canadian gamer who lucked into super powers, granting him bulging muscles and a desire to do good in the world.  Check out the great illustration below, courtesy of Jay Carter III.

Those attending the Con will be able to purchase their very own Massive mini for $3-4.  They'll also be available at a later date through the official KantCon site.

KantCon was a blast last year, and this year promises to be even better.  I'll be hosting a booth at the Con, where I'll be doing small painting/modelling clinics and displaying my wares.  There's also plans to get a TON of table top gaming going, from: Warhammer to Warmachine, Malifaux to Infinity, there's going to be TT gaming for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work, I hope to see you again next time, and maybe even at KantCon in July!

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Malifaux Showcase: the M&SU

This week I'm excited to finally have my third complete Malifaux starter painted and ready for the table top!  This is the M&SU, led by Ramos, a mad scientist with a knack for all things robotic.  His starter has a wonderfully diverse array of models included within it, allowing a hobbyist plenty of room to use a number of color palettes.  Let's take a look at the models up close!

Here's Ramos himself, clad in the khakis and browns of a tenured professor.

I based all of the M&SU models on Scrap Bases, 40mm Wreck Bases, and 50mm Wreck Bases, which are awesome for basing, and can also act as markers when they don't have a model placed on them!

Here's a perfect example of just that; the Steam Arachnids are based on Scrap Bases and the bases seen pictured by themselves are Scrap Markers.  You could even paint the Arachnids and the bases without gluing the two together and when an Arachnid dies you simply remove it from the base and then it's a scrap marker!

I showed you Joss a few weeks back, but he's just too cool, so here he is again!

The Brass Arachnid is Ramos's totem and acts like a support unit, reactivating allies to give them two full activations in one turn.

With Ramos's help Howard Langston survived his brush with death... well sort of.  Ramos was kind enough to turn him into a cyborg and equip him with a nasty array of shears and pincers... nevermind the part about being a mindless automaton.

I wanted Howard to be closer to the undead end of the cyborg spectrum, looking as if he was truly holding on to life thanks to his mechanical enhancements.  A few glowing relays across his skin and a baleful eye did the trick nicely.

That's it for this week, be sure to stop by the Monster Lab Web Store to check out the bases I featured here today, and the rest of our complete line!  There's more new releases coming soon and I'm excited to feature them here.  If you like what you've seen here and have any question about the game of Malifaux or would like to commission a painted crew, feel free to message me at!  

Until I see you again next time, good hobbying!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March New Releases: Wreck Bases & Markers!

The March new releases are finally here!  This month I've got two 50mm wreck bases for $6 and three 40mm round lip wreck bases for $5.25 in the webstore that multipurpose nicely as wreck markers.  Let's take a look at the painted product!

I really wanted to do a big badass weapon piece on one of the bases and a warhammer was just too good to pass up.  Some unlucky war construct lost their weapon... and their arm, but now you can use it as an awesome scenic base, wreck marker, or characterful objective in your next game!

The second base is a mechanical spine with associated ribs, gears, and power core.  Mechanical carrion, if you will.

The gears that whirred and rotated inside this construct's shell now lay piled about its corpse.

I painted its cracked power core, glowing with the last remnants of power, but I can see it completely powered down and dark.

There's even a bit of its torso clinging to the ribs...

This mighty warhammer would do some serious harm on the battlefield, all the more reason for your troops to try to claim it before your enemy's do!

The arm-guard plating definitely shows the abuse the owner was facing while in battle.  I wonder what happened to the rest of him...

And here are the 40mm wreck bases...

One isn't really a wreck at all, but a lack thereof, it's a mere crater!

Whatever construct was occupying this part of the universe is now survived only by a hunk of a cog and a few scraps of metal.

There's more left of this guy, though he lost his head and most of his appendages.

This base has a good assortment of bitz on it: plating, cogs, pipes and bars, and even an energy core.

There's a ton of creative room on this piece.  I liked the metal plating to be gashed to all hell and back.

Mixing brasses, coppers, and steel metallics give a nice variety on a wreck base.

And what would life be like without an Easter Egg?  I think we finally found who lost their arm...

That's it for this week and this month's new releases.  Stay tuned for April's new releases I'm planning some goodies for 40k!
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