Sunday, September 21, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up... M-m-mmmega Post!!!

There's a whole lot of things that come with the passing of Labor Day.. pools close, sno cone operations start packing it in, women stop wearing white pants (I personally think white pants are fashionable anytime of the year) - truly it is the beginning of the end of the summer.  A lot of great things have been going on here at the Monster Lab during that time and now I present them to you in one grand blog post full of fond memories and favorite projects from the ending days of the season.

Let's take a look!

This female inquisitor conversion was done for new customer Jay C.  He wanted a subtle conversion that would take an old grumpy puritan guy and turn it into a nice busty babe.  A goal of mine was to do something cool with the flaming tip of the inferno pistol, and make it a neat contrast point.  I'm really pleased how the whole piece turned out.

July 11, 12 & 13 this year was the sixth annual KantCon! The convention started as a meeting for a group of friends and has quickly grown over the years to occupy the Overland Park Convention Center, featuring role-playing, table top gaming, card gaming, and board games.  I count myself lucky to have been a part of the fun for the last two years, hosting a vendor booth and even doing a couple of painting and modeling clinics this year.

Here is a class of my favorite students, eager to learn and quick studies too!  You guys were great!

Donovan Baker, of facebook group Malifaux KC fame and creator of the best Malifaux app you'll probably never see (really, it's awesome), hosting Malifaux demo games at KantCon.  Donovan and I (Donovan has done all the heavy lifting really) have really taken up the mantle of this great game, demoing it, and spreading the joy of "making bad things happen" whenever and wherever we can.  Malifaux hosts some the coolest, best rendered sculpts I've seen.. and has an awesome action packed rulenset to boot.

What a spread, nice work Donovan!

It's not a complete convention without taking an embarrassing pic with a cardboard cutout.  Thanks to Jon at Black Blade Publishing for bringing the one and only Hugh the Barbarian to the con!

One short month later and we were heading off to GenCon!  It's mind-numbing how much STUFF there is.  Vendor booths, demos, fan flicks, parties, artist signings.. the list just goes on and on.  Of course the Malifaux booth was a major attraction for Donovan and I.  The Whiskey Golem was even so good as to spot me a drink!

Wyrd Miniatures are famous for the valuable promos and GenCon exclusives they have on offer, and there a ton of people who show up for the raffle at the end of the weekend (you get one raffle ticket for each $25 you spend).

Wyrd had each and every mini they make on display, some for Malifaux and some for their new game.  Here's a look at the female creations you can make with the Through the Breach roleplaying game starter set.

After a long day of carousing the vendor hall it was time to kick back and relax... I think Scotty's Brewhouse will do!

It's safe to say that Scotty's is the new official restaurant/bar for GenCon (sorry, The Ram).  Check out the fantastic patio view!  You can also dine inside and enjoy the Star Wars marathon playing all weekend.

There was still plenty to see on Day 2 in the vendor hall, including some cool minis from Cool Mini or Not.  Funny how that works out.

I'm not 100% sure who was hosting all this gorgeous Infinity terrain, but good god damn!  Just look at it!

There was terrain for every season: jungle, winter, desert, urban, underground bunker; you name it.

Cardhalla is big attraction, growing over the weekend in anticipation for its ultimate demise on Saturday night.  Donovan was impressed.. you can see it on his face.

When GenCon was over it was time to head back to America's Heartland and get back to making hobby goodness.  James H. wanted to take a Dream Forge Pleasure Demon and turn her into a female bloodthirster.  I said, "ok."  (I like to make Tenacious D reference whenever possible)

Probably my favorite part of the model is something that James did himself, Khorne pasties!!!

The game plan was to give her a humongous-biznatch-slaying axe and bone whip.  

It's a demon axe, so naturally there's some spooky faces peeking out.  There was more nasty Khorne goodness to come...

A big ass demon skull with elongated jaw should do!

The whip was individual vertebra with some nasty barbs.. definitely not something you want a lashing from!

James was psyched about his conversion, and sent me back some pics of the completed piece.  Check out Xiomara over on his photobucket!

And that's it for now.  It was a great summer and I'm excited for what's to come next year!  Stay tuned, there's more great projects coming!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Showcase: Dark Eldar Titan

I'm coming back with a bang this month, showing off a Dark Eldar titan commissioned by Chris E.  Chris was looking for a centerpiece for his DE army and this titan is the perfect choice; it's big, flashy, and a damn cool model.

Let's take an up-close look!

A couple of years ago I assembled a titan with sonic lances, but never got around to painting it.  With that build I modeled it charging around an Eldar warp gate and knew that was exactly what I wanted to do with this one as well.

A few sheets up plasticard cut and glued together made an excellent warp gate, and with a little procreate to make two wraithbone bubbles, and foam putty to texture the base I was off to the races and ready to paint.

We decided on a dark "Incubi Darkness" base highlighting to ice blue that I really liked.  Tons of red accent tattoos and German grey ghost tattoos really rounded out the model.

The two warriors hanging on true raider-style put the piece over the top.  The handles they're clinging to were made from a tube of plastistruct cut in half and filed to fit.

My favorite warrior, I love how she's really hanging on for dear life!

A fun little Easter egg on the base is the fact that the titan landed on a rock formation in-stride and the rock is springing up, shattering under the titan's weight!

If you see this, I think you run... and then hope for best.

And that's it!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Blogflash: DGS Kuzaarik Kickstarter

The DGS guys are at it again, this time releasing a new adventuring group called the Kuzaarik.  In fantasy terms, the Kuzaarik race are what we all know and love as dwarves.  The kickstarter is ending in only 38 hours, and they're just shy of their $10,000 stretch goal, so drop by now and decide if you want to pitch in!

They're also offering loot markers made by yours truly as a $6 add on.  You get six markers: two map/dagger, two treasure chests, and two money bags.

Good luck to the DGS guys!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crabby the Soul Grinder: a Battle Ready Chaos Showcase

It's high time that Crabby got a paint job to do him justice.  Painting reds is one of my favorite color palettes right now, and I especially like dipping into the maroon end of the spectrum.  For Crabby I wanted to start at maroon for the undertones and work my way up to a nice bright blood red.  

With an airbrush this was fairly economic, first laying down a dark base for the shadows before layering successive lighter tones.

My favorite part of the model are all the eyes that have sprung up across his body!

A true demon engine, energy glows from Crabby's mouth, eyes, and exhaust points.

Crabby is a Battle Ready piece I am offering through the Monster Lab Web Store.  You can pick him up today for only $150!  For a custom convereted and painted soul grinder, that ain't half bad.  There's also plenty of other painted and un-painted models for purchase in the store, so if you need an addition to your force grab them now before they're gone!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lords of Decay: a Nurgle Demon Showcase

I've been working on some seriously nasty Nurgle demons lately.  A new customer to the Lab, Aaron H., sent me two Plague Hulks, a Great Unclean One, and a winged Demon Prince.  He wanted something nasty, Nurgly, and for an affordable price.  I said, no problem.

Each of the four demons got a preliminary airbrushing to build the base tones and shading.  I went back with a wash to get the heavy recesses, but using an airbrush really does make painting large models very affordable.  Each Plague Hulk only set him back $35.

I love, love, love brass pieces with blue verdigris.  It's a super easy way to make a piece that much more complete.

What would a Nurgle demon be without large gaping wounds?  Man that's nasty.

Here's Plague Hulk #2, just as gross as the first, but with subtly different green and flesh tones.

Much like Kermit the Frog, the Great Unclean One is green... it ain't easy being green.

Probably because your guts are trailing out behind you...

That's gotta be a real drag... ba da ding!

His demon prince borrowed a couple of wings from the Plague Drone kit.  I ordered another couple of sets off ebay and am hoping they arrive before the due date on Tuesday so this guy has a proper set of four wings.

This guy's ugly mug reminds me of this.

That's it for this week, thanks for checking out the latest project here at the Lab!

Until next time, good hobbying!

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