Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hobby Showcase: Horrors of Tzeentch

Last week saw me modeling and painting vigorously, in order to get ready for a team tournament at my local hobby store.  My brother and I teamed up, him taking 750pts of storm shield/thunder hammer wielding Dark Angels Deathwing terminators and me taking another 750pts of Tzeentch demons.  Full interactions were allowed amongst team members (as long as the specific letter of the rule in each codex allowed them).  There were hordes of ork boyz benefiting from 5+ force field saves as well as apothecary granted 'feel no pain' rolls, and there were tyranids bursting forth from dark eldar webway portals aplenty.  For our part, my brother and my gimmick interaction was 2+/3++ terminators re-rolling saves from the presence of Kairos Fateweaver.  The day was close fought and we ended up walking away with a 2nd place finish, just 4 points behind the leaders.

My spate of painting added five new horrors to the ranks of my Tzeentch demon army.  As I discussed in an earlier post, horrors live a life-cycle with a dazzling array of colors at each stage.  This squad is no exception as there is one newborn blue, a pale horror ancient and horrors at life-stages in between.

With his prominent horns and pale pink skin, this horror is an "ancient."  Once suitably long-lived, horrors' pink skin bleaches until nearly alabaster.  An ancient horror is only one step from ascension to the rank of herald and a further boon of intelligence and power from his master Tzeentch.

Modeling and painting warp bases is incredibly fun.  With each new base I try to push my boundaries (and possibly sanity) by creating new and even more chaotic bases.

I wanted to paint the horror ancient's mouth blue to suggest that though he is close to attaining greater power, he is also at once flirting with a fall to regression and a new start as a blue horror.

I love this model.  The horror as a raving lunatic is never more apparent than in this one's manic demeanor.  I chose to paint the flame in the horror's hand light green to create a stark contrast against the dark blue of his flesh.

This is by far my favorite painted horror to date.  Between the writhing warp on his base and his angsty, closed fish gesticulations, this horror truly epitomizes the often awkward and frantic transition from adolescence to maturity.

The horror's skin transitions from purple to magenta, and then finally to pale pink at the top of the model.

Purple freckles litter the haunches and flank of this horror, suggesting the horror's hurried transition from young purple to adult pink.

I painted this purple horror in deep shades with accentuating highlights of light purple.  The sharp contrast between light and dark creates a striking look and helps contrasting details like his tongue and eyes to stand out.

Once again, freckles appear on a horror.  This time, however, the freckles are in reverse, pale pink radiating from the model's face and down its back and tentacles.

All the horrors painted to date, along with the Changeling.  Kairos Fateweaver is on my painting desk now, so stay tuned to see him when he's finished!


  1. Very nice. I have some old 5th edition fantasy horrors I have thought about painting up as a small force. I wish smaller point size games were more common. I like small infantry forces. Then I might have a little demon force. I LOVE you bases and I really like the vibrant colors and back story on the demons. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Demons are a lot of fun to play, I'd definitely suggest painting up even a small force. It's unfortunate that where you game only large point battles are played. There's something to be said about playing a 750 or 1,000 point game. It becomes less of a who can roll the most dice first and win contest.

  3. I agree on small games. I always enjoyed them for fantasy too. It takes out many of the abusive combos and brings the focus more onto troops. It goes much faster too! I have a collection of about 18-20 horrors and 4 flamers that are mostly still in blisters (circa 1999!) that I could paint up.

    Did you see that you got a shout out on Hogs of War: http://www.thehogsofwar.com/2012/01/midwest-monster-lab-check-out-these-pink-horrors.html? Congrats.

  4. Looks great! Looking forward seeing what you can do with Kairos :)

  5. I just popped over there, I have to say I'm humbled. Thanks for the heads up Cameron!

    Thanks SpaceCowboy! I'm working on him now..

  6. Wow, fantastic job, love the bases, and the paint job is just amazing.

  7. Small world..

    I stumbled on your blog from The Hogs of War, became a follower and found a link to 31st Century. Sure enough, you live in Olathe just like myself and Eric who write for www.twin-linked-awesome.blogspot.com.

    I also write for Miniature Wargame Conversions, Santa Cruz Warhammer and House of Paincakes.

    Anyway, nice to see more people in the neighborhood. Keep a lookout on SCW this week for a mention to your Horrors; it's superb work.

    1. Ha ha, it definitely is. Thank you for kind words and the future shout out on SCW. Hopefully we'll bump into one another at the store sometime soon. I'll be up there most Sundays this spring.

    2. Unfortunately our gaming group and myself had a lot of bad experiences with Joe, the owner, there. But if you're ever up at TableTop in OP, our group hangs around there a lot and my AdMech army's on display.


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