Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Exclusive Monster Lab Member T-Shirts!

Last month, on two separate occasions, we gave away official Midwest Monster Lab t-shirts to a few lucky members.  The shirts that were given away then will ultimately be available for purchase this spring through this blog and in-store at 31st Century Games & Hobbies.  So, if you feel like you missed your chance in the drawing, you will still be able to get your hands on an official Lab shirt!

Last month's giveaways were to show our appreciation to those who have taken the time to become a member of the Lab and outwardly show their support.  Everyone who comes to view this blog, member or no, is greatly appreciated, but being a member puts a name (albeit a possibly fake one) to those who read and enjoy the blog's content.  I highly recommend becoming a member, because like last month, we'll continually be giving away free t-shirts to blog members.

The 2012 member t-shirt hasn't hit the presses yet, and it's already an absolute favorite of mine. I think it speaks for itself.

Each month from January on, a Monster Lab member will be randomly selected to receive an exclusive member's only t-shirt.  I'm really excited about these shirts, as they are a lot of fun and will be produced in very limited quantities.  Only twelve of each design will be given away, one for each month of the year, before that year's design is retired and a new one takes its place.  Also, these shirts will not be sold to the public, so winning one is extra special.

Later this month I'll be announcing the lucky winner of January's member t-shirt drawing, so click the "Join this Site" button below the blog roll and become a member of the Midwest Monster Lab for your chance to win this month and all year long!

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