Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day at Collector's Cache for a Wet Palette Workshop

This was the offer...

Take your painting to the next level? And for the low low price of free?  Yes, please!  

A total of thirteen of Collector's Cache's best and brightest new hobbyists sat down with me last Saturday to uncover the awesome mysteries of using a wet palette.  For many beginners starting down the path of painting (kind of like an Eldar path...) there's a few things that seem daunting.  One of which is trying advanced techniques, like blending.  A wet palette make blending a breeze.  You can blend two, three, or more colors together on the palette and come back to them over the course of your painting because they simply don't dry out.  In fact, if you'd like more specifics, check out this handy-dandy tutorial on how to make a palette and this one on its detailed use.

Here's some of the guys, hard at work on their models trying out highlighting, blending, washing, and shading. 

Time to plug Collector's Cache.  CC is located on the north-east corner of College Blvd and Pflumm Rd and has lots of room for activities.  Painting for instance, or playing your favorite table top game, or even dueling it out with friends with a number of card games (that's what they started with).  There's even cool vintage arcade games you can play in the back.  If you live in KC, you should definitely check it out.

After everyone had a few hours to try out the techniques I was teaching, it was 40k paintball time!

This is an idea Steve Feral came up with.  Each model is BS 3, T4, with 3 wounds, and each gun is assault 1, S4.  When your model takes a wound the shooter gets to put a blob of their color of paint on your model.  3 blobs of paint and you're out!

We played on a couple of pieces of unpainted Citadel modular board.  I suggested that we flick paint onto the model to represent wounds, that way paint gets all over the board too.  Hopefully they'll take my advice in the future... now, if everyone had an airbrush...

I had the good fortune of scoring the first wound!

As an Ultramarine I decided I would rely on tactics to win the day... and hopefully my snazzy highlights would stave off any incoming paintballs.

Things started to get mixed up quite quickly with three models dicing it up in the upper half and the rest of us having a menage a quad down below.

Ryan had the unfortunate honor of being first knocked out.  "Iceman" Garrett put him down, and as we'll come to see, Ryan wouldn't be his last victim.

When things heated up and only one table half was left I made a tactical withdrawal to the corner so as to gain the upper hand.  It might have worked if it weren't for the fact that I was only capable of rolling 1's, 2's, and 3's.  Except for armor saves, I saved 5 wounds only letting one slip through in the early rounds.

Pretty soon we were slugging it out and our guns got better, first to assault 2, then assault 3 with split fire!  It was the two Garretts and I left, and with a laugh Garrett #1 said, "alright, I've got three shots, I'm going to take both of you out with this one salvo," (between Garrett #2 and I, we had a total of 3 wounds left).  And you know what, he did it!  Three hits, three wounds, and three failed saves.  Everyone was cheering, it was really quite something.

Well, that's it for this week and a look at our painting day at Collector's Cache and a fun take on 40k paintball.  A special thanks to Steve Feral and his event organizing crew dubbed "Feral Events" for hosting me and footing the bill for all those wet palettes.

Hope you can make it to the next painting day at Collector's Cache!

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