Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hobby Spotlight: Greg Reynold's Blood Angels

It's that time of the month again... time to announce this August's Mad Hobbyist!  This month it's my pleasure to be showing off a lot of great paints by Greg Reynolds, and local hobbyist.

The attention to detail Greg pays is truly fantastic, check out that book!  Not only that, but his minis are super clean and boast a healthy amount of conversions. 

Here Greg took the Sanguinary Guard jump pack with wings and magnetized it onto a librarian.  Why risk casting that pesky psychic power 'wings of Sanguinius' when you can just fly around the good old fashioned way?

A gloss coat on his gems makes Greg's detail points pop.

A great base is integral when making a complete piece, and though his are simple, Greg's bases go a long way to putting his miniatures into a sense of place and purpose.

Contrast colors are used to great effect to draw the eye to focal points on the model and break up the composition, that power fist is hard to miss!

His first attempt at a non-metal metallic on this Dante went quite well.

Another hallmark of Greg's models is that he's not content to simply have "brothers holding bolters."  These two give a great cenematic feel to any game they're a part of.

Congrats Greg on being named this month's Mad Hobbyist, keep up the great work!

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