Monday, September 23, 2013

Update: Fimir Helmet and Tail Conversions

We're back with an update to last week's project, converting helmets and bladed tails onto Forgeworld Fimir.  Last time, the helmets were finished, but there was still work to be done on their tails.

They're finally complete, so let's take a look!

There were a ton of interesting options for creating the blade-tails, so I really let my creativity run wild.  Hooks, crescents, cleavers, spades, barbs, and daggers are all the styles of weapons I used to make them.  Each weapon was fabricated from plasticard and then accented with green to create straps, bolts, and rope to hold the blades in place.

I roughed up the edge on most of the blades by making simple "V" cuts with an xacto blade to make them look worn and notched from hard use.  It's nice to add a bit of wear and tear to weapon pieces, especially to those wielded by the disciples of chaos, too much their time is spent maiming and killing to keep their weapons shiny and new!

This is one of my favorite weapons, a truly vicious sickle big enough to cleave a man wholly in two!

These three got spade tails.  The tails and each of their blades were notched and then fitted together to form a snug fit before being finished with a dab super glue and some green stuff.  

The top left tail is a nasty set of barbs that was made out of three pieces of plasticard, one to form the main section with an arrowhead end and then two pieces that were fitted to the sides to give the weapon barbs on all four sides.

This guy's weapon tail has a spear-tip fitted on the end of his truncated tail and then simple rope bindings to hold a row of blades.

All of the fimir sacrificed part of their tail to augment it with something sharp and killy, this guy went the extra mile and grafted his blades onto his tail bones, requiring no binders at all to hold them in place.  Besides having two nasty spikes for slamming down into an enemy, his weapon also has a axe head for side-to-side sweeping cuts.

The nine fimir are finally done and will soon be in the mail to Michael for his chaos force, I'll be showing off more conversions he's requested soon; a demon possessed fimir giant and two ascended demon prince fimir!

Before I sign off for the week, I'd like to make a quick plug for Between Two Beards, a video project my brother, Andrew, and our long-time friend, Dave, put together.  The bearded duo have been doing game reviews and are starting to branch into live coverage and "let's play" content.  They're putting a lot of work into their channel and are really excited for the great projects they have planned, check them out on YouTube and stay tuned for even bigger and better content coming soon!

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