Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Showcase: Bel'akor Demon Prince

I've got some pictures to show of my latest commission this week, the demon prince Bel'akor.  This commission was done for a long-time friend and first-time customer Tyler P.  He's building up a respectable force of demons for 40k and wanted a demon prince to hold down his battle lines.

Let's take a look at Tyler's Bel'akor!

There are some who don't like Bel'akor as a GW model, saying that he's not in heroic enough scale.  I happen to like that most about Bel'akor's model.  He doesn't have the out-of-proportion appendages or weapons that can make heroics look goofy, just a clean and menacing appearance.  In my opinion, he's what a demon prince should be.

Tyler requested that his Bel'akor have the classic black skin hue and that he have a glowing sword, rune, and eyes.  The red tones on black look great and are a humble nod to the granddaddy of all demons, Tolkein's Balrog.

I took the idea one step further and made the ground beneath his feet molten, splitting under the weight of his dark power.

With an eight hour time limit for this project I found myself in a rush to get all the great little details in that I wanted to do.  The sword, unfortunately, didn't get as much attention as I hoped for.  A few glowing runes or trapped spirits would have been great to add.

Bel'akor's base is a quartz-based stone, fractured into shards, and placed into Apoxie Sculpt.  I've found that stone laced with tiny pieces of quartz is the best for making "evil rocks," those that are sharp and jut out of the ground.  I harvested mine locally where a cliff side was carved away for a rural highway.  

I keep forgetting, but I do need to make a post about where and how best to harvest different types of stone in the future.. look for it soon!

And there he is in all of his chaotic slendor!

Thanks for checking out my work this week, stop back next time to see what work I'm doing in the magical world of Freeblades!


  1. Looks nice! I used mine for a Herald of Tznch. He is small considering his competition.

  2. Yeah, I guess he is smaller than some demon princes. You'll have to show me your herald conversion!


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