Thursday, May 10, 2012

Charon Boatman of River Styx Model Complete

The boatman model is finally complete!

After a few months of putting Charon on the shelf and pulling him back off, it's great to finally have him done.  Only a few more touches will be added during painting (coins and skulls littering the bottom of the boat), but for the most part he's complete.  

Because it has been so long from start to finish, here's a montage to recap his progress.

The basis for the boat were three "U" shaped pieces of cut plasticard and plasticard planks.

A mismatch of planks filled out the decking, giving the boat an ancient, dilapidated look.

Lots of plasticard work went into the creation of Charon's boat, and the rudder was no exception.  The steer shaft started as a tube of plasticard before having green stuff added to make it look like a gnarled branch of old wood.

Charon's undead passenger (recovering vampire in the GW fiction for the Black Coach) started as three pieces of paper clip and a dob of green stuff.

The green stuff shrouds were rolled, tattered, and then finally draped over the top of each model.

To represent the coach's possible ethereal and fly special rules I positioned the boat clipping its base's column, "phasing" through it and elevating it off the ground.

Like most green stuff sculpts, the spirit host on the base started as paper clips before having skulls added to the ends and green stuff along their lengths.

And that's it, he's done.  A few hours of work over a couple of months, and a concept fulfilled from five-years back.  It's truly rewarding to see the idea come to life!


  1. Been watching this with amazement for some time, and the final result is outstanding! It really feels as though it's cresting a wave, very nice sense of motion - can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Great job. Fantastic vision. The spirit hosts are very inspired. I really like the braided rope too. Great work. This will be a stunning centrepiece when painted.

  3. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the kind words. Now it's time to work on some competition painting pieces!

  4. Great job. I love the boatman, the boat itself, and the flying skulls are amazing. That rope looks great too. Awesome!


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